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LOCATION - Gibson Shoe Store is located at 572 Main Street in Andrews N.C. 28901. Andrews is located along US 74  in the southwestern tip of North Carolina about 90 miles: west of Asheville NC, or south of Knoxville TN, or east of Chattanooga TN, or north of Atlanta GA. This is a beautiful and scenic area near the Smoky Mountains of  North Carolina and well worth the drive for the aesthetic appeal. Call Gibson Shoe Store at 828-321-3474, for travel directions from where you are.





FIRST QUALITY- The very best grade or highest quality level offered by any manufacturer. What you would find in most regular retail stores unless otherwise specified.


SECONDS OR SECOND QUALITY- Also called “blemished” these are new items with very slight cosmetic irregularities such as glue spots, finish cuts, or polish smudges. These items would be only one level below first quality items.


CLOSEOUTS- New items, usually first quality, but a style that is no longer being made by the manufacturer or offered by first quality retailers. Also applies to shoes obtained in a store or factory shutdown.


RETAIL OR FACTORY RETURN- Also called “damaged returns” these are used items which have been refurbished for resale. These items were returned to the original retailer or manufacturer because of a warranty or customer satisfaction issue. Usually something became wrong with the item such as an eyelet falling out, stitch coming loose, sole separating and so on. Also it could have been returned due to customer satisfaction issue such as being the wrong size, color, style etc.,. In either case the item was returned  by original purchaser and either returned to the original manufacturer for credit  and or sold off to a liquidator. Gibson Shoe Store  bought it from the original manufacturer or the liquidator. Gibson Shoe Store DOES NOT buy shoes from the public.


IRREGULARS or FACTORY IRREGULARS – These are synonymous with seconds except that Irregulars are always new. Irregulars are new shoes that, during the inspection process, at the manufacturer or original retailer, were discovered to have some sort of flaw making them less than first quality. Irregulars can have a wide range of flaws including nicks, cuts, blemishes, discoloration, crooked stitching, leather veins, spots, and so on.  Because manufacturer’s and retailer’s specifications vary, these flaws may or may not always be visible to the casual observer. For this reason factory irregulars are often stamped or boxed with the words “factory irregular’ or the letters IR. We clearly designate any online items that are, “Factory Irregulars” in their description.


MISMATES- Mismate shoes are shoes that are new from the manufacturer, but are one half size or letter width different. For example the left shoe is a size 8 Medium and the right is an 8.5 medium, or the right shoes is a 9 medium and the left is a 9 wide. There is only about one eighth of an inch difference between half sizes or letter widths in shoes. So, the shoes we sell this way are a great value if you have that much corresponding difference in your feet or if you don’t mind the difference in the shoes. Shoes we sell this way, either in the store or online will ALWAYS be clearly marked, designated and or described as “MISMATES.”



STORE GOALS: Our goal at Gibson Shoe Store is to retail the very best brand name footwear and apparel at the very least price possible to our customers. To scour the footwear markets for the best bargains on footwear for the entire family. To provide footwear service, information and knowledge to assist our customers. To sell whatever quality level,  be it First Quality, Seconds and Second Quality, Blemishes, Irregulars, Factory Defectives, Closeouts, Retail and Factory Returns at the very best retail savings to our customers.